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I am a Warrington Wildcat

This is my School.

As a part of the Wildcat Team,

I will be Respectful,

I will be Responsible,

I will Practice Safety,

I will Be A Role Model,

and I will work hard to be



Better and Brighter


School Behavior Policy


Please make sure your child knows the importance of following school and classroom rules. We wish to continue to make Warrington Elementary a pleasant and safe place for students.  To accomplish this goal, parents and school staff need to work cooperatively to encourage student behaviors that serve to promote the safety and well-being of students, staff, and property which promotes an environment conducive to learning. 



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Attendance & Behavior Policy


Our administration, faculty and staff are committed to providing an environment that will motivate and inspire your child to be a productive, resourceful, and responsible citizen.

But, we cannot do it alone.

It is your responsibility to send your child to school every day, on time, well-rested, ready to learn, and willing to follow the school rules.  

Your constant praise and support will encourage your child to do his or her best.

We depend on you to make sure your child knows the reason he or she comes to school - children come to school to learn!




  • Student drop off begins at 7:30a.m. Please do not drop off your child any earlier since there won't be any staff supervising students before 7:30a.m.
  • Car riders must unload in front of the school and may not use the Druid St. entrance.
  • Buses unload through the north wing (off Druid St.). 
  • Once in the building, students must go directly to the cafeteria where they will pick up a breakfast combo, and go to assigned homerooms.
  • Students arriving after 7:50a.m. are tardy and parents/guardians must sign them in at the office to get a tardy pass.
  • ABSENCES: The law also requires a written note stating why a child has been absent.  Parents/guardians, please send a note with your child when he/she returns to school.  If your child does not bring a note, a form will be sent home requesting this information. Please note: reasons such as, “overslept,” “out of town,” and “it was a 1/2 day,” are unexcused absences. If your child has three (3) unexcused absences within ninety (90) days, you will be scheduled to attend a meeting with the Guidance Counselor. If your child has TEN (10) unexcused absences within ninety (90) days, your child will be considered “habitually truant” and legal action may be taken. Excessive absence may result in retention.



Pre-K - 2:05 PM

K-5 - 2:08 PM

Buses leave campus at 2:20 PM

  • Car riders and daycares will dismiss from the front of the building starting at 2:05 PM. Please remain in your car. Put the school car tag with your child's name on the passenger side dash board. One of the adults on duty will bring your child/children to you.
  • Walkers will release from the north side if the main building on Druid ST.
  • Buses will load students on the north side of the main building (Druid St.).

Florida Law (Section 1003.21, Florida Statutes) mandates

regular daily school attendance for all children less than 16 years of age.


Students are expected to come to school clean, neat and appropriately attired. Students whose personal attire or grooming distracts the attention of other students or teachers from school work or which may be hazardous to themselves or to others in the course of school activities may be required to make the necessary alterations. Students who fail to meet the minimum acceptable standards of cleanliness and neatness, shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures including suspension.  


  • see-through clothing, tank or halter tops
  • clothing with offensive language
  • advertising tobacco, drugs, or alcohol on clothing
  • dangling earrings
  • cleats or skate shoes
  • flip flops
  • open toed shoes
  • baggy or over-sized clothing
  • pant hems beyond the heel of the shoe

*Tennis shoes or a shoe similar to a tennis shoe is required to participate in Physical Education and recess.

**Please refer to STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES booklet for further guidelines.