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Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions focus on understanding why behaviors occur and implementing strategies to teach students more appropriate behaviors. Overall, positive interventions that focus on changing student behavior involves:

  • Teaching the behaviors that are expected,
  • Modeling those behaviors,
  • Consistently recognizing and rewarding the behaviors when they occur, and
  • Consistently enforcing meaningful consequences for behavior intervention.

On a school-wide level, PBS relies on accurate and reliable discipline referral data to understand the behaviors occurring across campus. An analysis of the data allows a school team to identify the problem areas, brainstorm interventions, such as where and what to teach, reward the students exhibiting the expected behavior, and communicate findings to the staff, students, and families. The PBS process is a team-based approach that relies on a strong collaboration between families and professionals from a variety of disciplines regardless of the level implemented.


This project is designed to support teachers, administrators, related services personnel, family members, and outside agency personnel in building district-wide capacity to address challenging behavior exhibited by students in regular and special education programs.


*** Check out Escambia School District PBS page by clicking here.***

*** If you want to know more about Escambia County School's Positive Behavior Support Systems, please click here.***

*** Interested on information about Florida's Positive Behavior Support Project? Please click here.***

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