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Math Superstars is a wonderful mathematics and problem-solving enrichment program opportunity for students in grades K-5. All students are welcome to join the program. Participation, however, is strictly voluntary. In the beginning of the school year all parents and students are given the opportunity to choose whether or not to participate by signing and submitting a contract.

Students may download worksheets each week. Worksheets are due at the end of the week (see posted dates). Each problem is ranked according to its level of difficulty. The number of stars you see beside a problem indicates the level of difficulty. Volunteers will check the worksheets and they will be returned.

Parents role in Math Superstars is to encourage and facilitate your child’s problem solving skills. Feel free to suggest a strategy for solving the problem, offer counters or manipulatives, or listen as your child shares her or his thinking, but please DO NOT GIVE THE ANSWERS.

It is normal for a child NOT to be able to complete every problem on a worksheet. Remind your child that he or she is not expected to know the answer to every problem and this is a voluntary program.


Students in kindergarten need to complete a total of 8 out of 10 assignments. Grades 1-5 need to complete a total of 20 out of 25 assignments. Those who meet these requirements will be inviteed to an End of the Year Celebration.

If you have further questions about the program or would like to be added to the program list after the beginning of the school year, please contact Kasi Rhyne.